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Edwards, Leo

Jerry Todd Series

Oh, no! He's giggling his way through a Leo Edwards book. And if Mum doesn't put the light out, the chances are he'll keep on reading until he comes to the final hilarious climax. Mr. Edwards' boy characters are all real. They do the things other boys like. Pirates! Mystery! Detectives! Adventure! Ghosts! Buried Treasure! Achievement! Stories of boys making things, doing things, going places -- always on the jump and always having fun. His stories are for boys and girls of all ages...



1. Jerry Todd & the Whispering Mummy

Having been duly appointed "Juvenile Jupiter Detectives" by the strange old gentleman representing himself to be the president of the detective agency, Jerry Todd and his trusty pals little realize how fast things are going to happen to call forth their "detecting" powers. First comes the amazing adventure in the museum in the Tutter College. Did the mummy actually whisper? And did it later vanish of its own accord? What became of Mr. Arnold Smith? Where did Bill Hadley, the town marshal, disappear on the eve of his wedding day? You'll laugh as you follow Jerry and his companion "detectives" through their funny adventures to a smashing climax -- and you'll hold your breath and wonder at the mysteries that develop.

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2. Jerry Todd & the Rose-Colored Cat

Cats by the dozens; cats by the hundreds; and, most important of all, a mysterious five-hundred dollar rose-colored cat.  Listen to 'em scrap!  These are the cats in the "Feline Rest Farm."  Jerry Todd and his pals, in estimating their profits from the unique venture, talk joyously of starting a bank.  Then comes the lamentable accident to Lady Victoria's aristocratic tail; the operation; the over-dose of chloroform; the funeral.  How the boys got rid (?) of the cats and how they solve a mystery embracing six stolen pearls, a midnight prowler, a strange cat buyer and a woman having two identities are points in this rollicking story that will keep you guessing -- and there is a laugh in every page!


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3. Jerry Todd & the Oak Island Treasure

Jerry Todd and his pals, Scoop, Red and Peg, set themselves up in the show business by transforming a disused clay scow of Mr. Todd's into a floating theatre. And a very wonderful show it is! Certainly it leads the boys into exceptional adventures. Buried treasure, a lonely canal island alternately cloaked in the blackest darkness and the brightest moonlight, a mysterious piano leg, a crazy-acting talkative piano tuner, Mr. Capricorn Hebrides Windbigler -- these are a few of the unusual high lights in this hilarious mystery-adventure story. Jerry's enemy, the Stricker gang, try jealously to break up the successful boat show. But the "friendly ghost" helps the young showmen out. Is it a real ghost? Or is it some unknown man playing ghost? The story tells!

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4. Jerry Todd & the Waltzing Hen

Pat!  pat!  pat!  Footsteps, guarded and stealthy.  In the dead of night the four excited boys in Jerry Todd's tent hear the mysterious outside sounds.  And they remember queer things!  the whispering trunk owned by the yellow-faced traveling Hindu bill-poster; the uncanny yellow cat that appeared when the Hindu died; the frozen horror on the dead man's face.  That strange hen!  Why does it waltz?  And what is the secret of the prowling peril!  A good old scout is Cap'n Boaz Tinkertop, with his hilarious dancing leg.  Then, even as the Hindu had earlier died so quickly and mysteriously, the boys' old friend disappears.  It is a moment of fearful tragedy to Jerry.  Then comes the final ludicrous climax.  A book crammed full of laughs and shivers.


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5. Jerry Todd & the Talking Frog

Midnight!  Jerry Todd and his chums, leagued together to help another boy save a peculiar invention of his father's, a talking frog, from thieving hands, wait breathlessly in the lonely brick house where the puzzle maker had met with such a strange death.  Pat!  pat!  pat!  Again the mystified boys hear the stealthy outside footsteps. Is it a real ghost?  Or is it a track of the enemy?  In the employ of the queer old soap man, Jerry has no belief that "Bubbles of Beauty," the wonder soap, will do what its promoter claims for if.  Then, over night, one of the town's plainest women is transformed into a moving picture beauty -- a thing as bewildering to the boys as the Bible's secret and the "ten and ten" puzzle.  Fun and mystery here!

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6. Jerry Todd & the Purring Egg

Jerry Todd thought it was a sure-enough dinosaur egg that he'd found, worth $5,000.  But it turned out to be a stone.  Scoop and Red and Peg didn't want it -- they turned up their noses at it.  So Jerry lugged it home as a curiosity.  A goofle egg!  That is what the boys called it in fun.  And if they'd tried only to hatch a goofle they might have had a quiet time of it.  But instead, in making up the joke of the egg's "rejuvenation,"  they managed to hatch several pecks of trouble, enough creepy, back-chilling thrills to scare an army, and more laughs than there are in a side-show.


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7. Jerry Todd in the Whispering Cave

Robinson Crusoe had to sail thousands of miles to be properly shipwrecked, but Jerry Todd and his skylarking chums manage to do it very nicely within fifteen miles of home.  Their "ship" pounded to pieces, they land, in their tub raft, on the island of adventure, where the ten-thousand dollar lizard had so strangely vanished.  And how amazing are their later discoveries!  Naked footprints in the sand; a mysterious inhabited cave; hidden treasure; secret caverns out of which comes that weird whispering voice.  On top of the thrills of discovery and occupancy, you'll laugh your head off at the crazy story of Walla-Walla, the civilized cannibal.  Then comes the big scare when Jerry thinks he's going to be "stewed."


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8. Jerry Todd, Pirate

When the Striker gang raised the sunken scow, Jerry, Scoop, Red and Peg were forced to look elsewhere for a fighting craft.  So they got some old timbers from the old tumble-down tavern on mr. Cliffe's island, and built a raft.  This man 'o war carried offensive machinery, of course, in the shape of a big slingshot made with the inner tube of an automobile tire!  Jerry and his gang decided to turn pirates, and in their sea-going raft (which flew a home-made Jolly Roger from its flagstaff) had many exciting adventures.  Chief among these was the bloody battle with the Stricker gang, the ammunition being balls of nice, gooey mud.  Of course, other missiles, too, were sent flying into the enemy scow by the pirate slingshot -- notably a hornet's nest.  That ended the battle and brought victory to Captain Jerry and the crew of the Jolly Roger.


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9. Jerry Todd & the Bob-Tailed Elephant

Jerry Todd was elated when Red Meyers' birthday present (from a rich uncle) turned out to be an elephant.  Visiting in Ashton the day the elephant arrived, Red's parents hurried home when told frantically by Aunt Pansy that the "gang" was putting on a wild circus in the barn.  A skylarking story this, full of interesting new characters, that will fill you with giggles.  For imagine Red and the elephant eloping!  The pair wound up on the Bibbler farm, near a haunted house.  Br-r-r-r!  And here the sick elephant lost its tail under circumstances that will bewilder you.  Poor Red!  His predicament (which, however, didn't effect his appetite) and Jerry's amazing detective adventures combine to make this one of the most fascinating books of the "Jerry Todd" series.

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10. Jerry Todd, Editor-in-Grief

Poor Jerry!  His editorial "grief" began when he innocently headed a stock-show article, "Come and see Mrs. Gregory's calves."  For the indignant stock woman proved that she could talk fast and right to the point.  And thus the Tutter Bugle, the "brain child" of Jerry and his merry gang, gave its first toot.  Peg as typesetter and Rory as make-up man very nicely gummed up everything...

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11. Jerry Todd, Caveman

It is the year 8,699 B.C. (supposedly!) and Red Meyers and Rory Ringer, both members of Jerry Todd's famous Juvenile Jupiter Detective gang, have vanished into the wilds of Oak Island to set up a caveman kingdom, taking with them a parrot, donkey, goat, monkey, cat, dog, eleven pigs, six pies, three cakes, a bunch of bananas and two more pies.  By the time Jerry gets there the enthroned king has built himself a royal chariot, clay dishes, created a new language (on clay tablets) and stocked up with fig-leaf breechcloths.  A royal reception, a banquet (at which the king gets a custard pie in his face), a moonlight cat hunt, a silver skull, a singing tree and wooden cow are all high spots in this combined tale of rip-roaring fun and baffling mystery.


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12. Jerry Todd & His Flying Flapdoodle

Jerry Todd could hardly believe his own eyes when he saw Red Meyers coming down Main Street in a brand new glider.  A new chum of Jerry's -- Horse Foot -- later named the glider "The Flying Flapdoodle."  But when Red (and the bull!) got through with it, it was no longer a "Flapdoodle," but a distinctly "flat" doodle.  You'll laugh with the boys as Red goes up -- and comes down!  And you'll shiver too as the boy detectives hide in the dark attic to solve the mystery of the "dead chest," and the later even more bewildering mystery of the belled owl.  Belt-bursting giggles, creepy chills, hilarious boyish adventures -- all packed together in one of the finest books for boys and girls that Leo Edwards has written.

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13. Jerry Todd & the Buffalo Bill Bathtub

Jerry Todd had a great idea!  He and his chums had just learned that an old bathtub they had found, had been used years ago by Buffalo Bill.  So straightway the excited boys formed a company -- the Buffalo Bill Bathtub Company -- and set about to win fame and fortune.  For what little kid, they reasoned, wouldn't want to take a bath in the same tub that Buffalo Bill had taken a bath in?  There's jolly skylarking fun all along, including a mushy "apple-butter" battle between Jerry's gang and the rival Stricker gang for possession of the tub, and toward the end a peculiar shivery mystery, involving an eccentric college professor and a panther-man -- all coming to a breathless climax, at midnight, in a weird old barn on College Hill.


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14. Jerry Todd's Up-the-Ladder Club

All that Jerry Todd needed, to start his Up-The-Ladder Lodge, was a goat.  Finally he found one (Pile-driver was its name) and then the initiating fun began!  What Jerry and his pals never suspected, though, was that through the goat they would be drawn into an adventure so startling that it could easily have cost them their lives.  What terrible mystery huddled in the strange river house?  What had become of the two destitute orphans who had disappeared so mysteriously there?  You'll find keen fun in Jerry's new lodge, and shivers aplenty as the boys make their daring entrance into the mystery house.  Jerry, Red, Scoop, Peg, Horse Foot -- they're all in this skylarking baffling tale -- one of the best of the Jerry Todds.


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15. Jerry Todd's  Poodle Parlor

Mrs. Flora Beesaddle had a clever idea.  Instead of renting her eight farm cabins to tourists, she fixed them up very fancy and rented them to eccentric wealthy pet lovers.  Into this whirling maze of pampered cats, dogs, parrots, monkeys, goldfish and canaries, dropped Jerry Todd and his whole gang, to begin the most exciting summer of their lives.  An earlier "Poodle Parlor" idea of Jerry's had failed, but here he had the chance to put his idea into practice with the arrival of the famous (and mysterious!) De Puster Kennel prize apricot poodles.  You'll laugh your head off at the frantic efforts of the boys to keep the crazy pet farm going in its owner's absence; and you'll shiver, too, at the astonishing mystery that grew up about them.


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16. Jerry Todd's Cuckoo Camp

The Swiss pastor Robinson started something when he gave the world that exciting account of his shipwreck on an uninhabited tropical island.  It would be fun, Jerry Todd thought, to be shipwrecked like that.  But his new chum, Dee-Dee Freeling, did more than just think about it.  In an old worn-out steamboat, he set out, with Jerry and the whole gang, to actually do it.  Dee-Dee provided a strange collection of animals, too, and provisions for them all to last a week.  "Toot!"  went the old whistle.  "Bang!" blew up the boiler off Oak Island.  Then came the fun of getting ashore, in their tub raft, with all of their provisions and equipment, to say nothing of the astonished and not always willing animals.  Lovers of the original Swiss Family Robinson book will revel in this "take-off" on it; and the regular followers of Jerry Todd will enthusiastically proclaim this story as one of his liveliest and funniest.

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