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Enter the World of Series Books


Welcome to Newport Vintage Books.  We hope you will take the opportunity to browse through our extensive updates.  We hope you enjoy the new look of our website, and the time & effort we've taken to offer you not only vintage material, but also high quality listings and our collector galleries providing you with much information and more to come.


Our website has been designed to offer our viewers a synergy between vintage books, classic movies and old time radio broadcasts.  Many mystery readers may be familiar with well known detective and crime fiction characters such as Philo Vance, Bulldog Drummond & Fu Manchu, and not be aware that each had counterparts on the silver screen.  Likewise, many classic film enthusiasts may happily recall the films of Charlie Chan, Mr. Moto and Arsene Lupin without being familiar with the mystery novels from which they originated.  Similarly, most Tarzan fans are familiar with the several films starring such actors as Johnny Weismuller, Buster Crabbe, Lex Barker & Gordon Scott, and they may even know a few of the 24 Tarzan novels written by Edgar Rice Burroughs -- and yet be unfamiliar with the old time radio broadcasts of Tarzan.  With our growing old time radio archives, expanding author bibliographies and our soon to be launched classic cinema online filmographies we hope to help share and guide our visitors through the wonderful world of early 20th century American entertainment and popular culture.

New Features:
Web Store: Digitally Remastered Dustjackets:
Collectors will now have the opportunity to order directly through our web store via our shopping cart with secure checkout.  Our web store inventory includes: (1) vintage books; (2) digitally remastered dustjackets; (3) old time radio shows; (4) classic movies & (5) vintage movie soundtracks. Collectors can now order digitally remastered dustjackets to complete series in their collections, and obtain the many elusive and rare vintage jackets missing from their collections.



Old Time Radio Broadcasts: Hollywood Film Vault:
Old Time Radio fans can now access a growing selection of old time radio broadcasts and listen online for free.  We will soon be offering many of these OTR collections for sale on CD.  Don't miss our weekly Lux Radio Theatre featuring radio broadcasts of many of Hollywood's early silver screen stars. Our Hollywood film vault will include many of the old time cinema favorites including many of the hard-to-find serial movies of the 1930s & 40s including:  Flash Gordon, Bulldog Drummond, Mr. Wong, Dick Tracy, Zorro, The Lone Ranger and many more mystery, suspense, thrillers and drama feature films of yesterday.



Macromedia Flash Movies: Online Bibliographies:
Fans can now view our online movies including one featured at the 2002 Series Book Convention for the Hardy Boys 75th anniversary, plus a brand new Swashbuckler movie showing extensive vintage dustjacket artwork with more in preparation. [high speed connection recommended (DSL or Cable Modem)] As we continue to add content, in addition to our extensive content on childrens' series, collectors will now be able to search & review bibliographies of the published works of many authors featured in our galleries.


Enter the world of PhotoPlay Editions


Enhancements [Coming Soon]:
Series Gallery: Biographies & Filmographies:
Our original Series Gallery of juvenile series books has been expanded from boys & girls series to include tots series & animal series.  Moreover, we have now added new categories including mysteries, adventures, westerns, photoplays, sci-fi and more. Coming soon will be additional pages featuring biographical sketches and photos of many popular fiction authors and silver screen actors plus listings of their work of the 1900s to 1940s.



Auction Gallery: Collector's Tips:
Our previous auction galleries are being merged & updated so that collectors can browse through our current offerings, and also review items from previous months and upcoming offerings -- a full complement of past, present & future listings. In addition to our condition checklist and grading points, we will be including several helpful tutorials on determining 1st editions, understanding publisher imprints, dating books and an expanding FAQs section.



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Enter our newly designed Series Gallery (under construction)  

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