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About Dustjacket Restoration:

Many collectors acquire our dustjackets to replace their missing originals, and to enjoy the vintage artwork.  Although more and more, customers with original dustjackets are finding that digitally remastered jackets can also improve the eye appeal of worn or damaged dustjackets in their collections.


By using high definition digital scans and carefully remastering the digitized image, the wear and tear of many decades can be reversed.  High resolution graphics allow precise retouching of the original image at very close-up magnification 


With great care, attention to detail and an eye toward preservation, emphasis is placed on maintaining the full scope of the original composition.  This is achieved by not only preserving the texture and granularity of the original artwork, but also the hue, tone, color balance and saturation of the original colors. 


Below is a brief outline of the process along with before and after examples.



Phase 1:  Digitization

30 min

  • High quality (VG to FN) original dustjacket is scanned at 600 DPI.


Phase 2:  Reconstruction

30 to 120 min

  • Damaged areas -- chips (missing pieces) and tears -- are digitally reconstructed.


Phase 3:  Repair

30 to 120 min

  • Wear to edges, spine tips and corners are digitally repaired.

  • Fold lines, creases and flaking are repaired.


Phase 4:  Restoration

30 to 120 min

  • Spine & background color are restored

  • Color loss to artwork is restored reversing effects of any fading, darkening or soiling.

  • Any stains, soiling, color rubbing, bleeding, or ink run are digitally repaired.


Phase 5:   Remastering

30 to 120 min

  • Fine details to artwork are performed.

  • Lettering and fine edges are repaired.  [Lettering my take substantially more time if badly damaged].

  • Minor imperfections & blemishes to artwork are removed.

  • Alignment and positioning are checked and corrected.

  • Final touch-ups and review are made at 300% to over 1,500% magnification


Phase 6:  Printing

30 min

  • Final image dimensions are set.

  • Final image template is generated.

  • Image is printed on industrial quality color photocopier.

  • Dustjacket is precision cut and placed in archival (pH neutral) lined jacket protector.


Case 1: Keeper of the Keys [Charlie Chan]

Bringing back the original vibrancy and bright colors of a classic mystery:


Case 2: Greene Murder Case - Scribners 1st Edition

Restoring the damage of heavy wear & tear to old-time best-selling mystery:



Case 3: Tarzan of the Apes - G&D Full Color Edition

Restoring edge chips, color and missing text to a classic adventure:



Case 4: The Dana Girls - G&D Full Color Edition

Restoring edge chips, color fading and heavy creasing to a classic mystery [written by Leslie McFarlane, author of the early Hardy Boys]:




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