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With one of the largest Rare & Vintage Bookstores in southern New England, and over 30 years of experience in Antiquarian Books and as experienced collectors also, we strive to offer you:

  • Distinctive listings with detailed information for the discerning collector.

  • Service tailored to bibliophiles & book collectors.

  • Quick e-mail response.

  • A website with online shopping with secure shopping cart.

  • Prompt USPS Shipping.

For more information, please e-mail us directly at


IMPORTANTShopping Cart & Secure Checkout

When adding items to cart, please be sure to check if you are selecting
remastered dustjackets
or books and dustjackets together. 

At the top of the webpage, you will see tabs for different categories, if the tab indicates dustjackets, all the listings below are for dustjackets only -- if the tab indicates books, all the listings below will be for books or books with jackets, see the specific listing for details.  The majority of our listings are for digitally remastered dustjackets.  However, we are regularly adding inventory for vintage books also -- for clarity, these are listed on separate webpages.  As an added safeguard, our listings have now been updated with captions below the price, and our shopping cart buttons also have "mouse over" tags as further indicators.  As always, the shopping cart listings will clearly show what is being purchased.  Please review your order carefully before completing checkout !


Terms of Sale & Service

Terms of Sale for Online Auctions

Winning bidder agrees to pay plus your choice of postage. Bidder should contact via e-mail within 3 business days.  

Payment is to be received within 10 days after auctions end. Please don't hesitate to contact us if a problem arises and you cannot meet the date.



Terms of Sale for Website Purchases

Please contact us via e-mail to confirm availability of requested title and confirm shipping costs.
Upon confirmation of order, books will be placed on hold as agreed (usually up to 10 days).
If payment is not received within agreed time, books will again be placed for sale.


Refund Requests:   Please click here for full Return Policy & Instructions



Digitally Remastered Dustjackets

Our remastered dustjackets are digitally rendered from our collection of nearly 5,000 original pre-1940s dustjackets.

Order Fulfillment:

Each remastered dustjacket is produced on-demand when it is first ordered -- that is, many of the dustjackets listed on our website may be first time orders requiring additional time for order fulfillment.


Multi-Item Purchases:

If you require multiple copies of a particular remastered dustjacket, please inquire about a multi-item discount.


Time Intensive:

This is a time-intensive process that requires great care & attention to detail. The ultimate goal is to make the remastered dustjacket look as close as possible to what a brand new original dustjacket would have appeared like back in the 1920s. In order to accomplish this, each jacket takes approx. 4 hours to remaster at high resolution to remove any chips, tears, color rubbing, fading or darkening along with the cumulative environmental effects of decades of oxidation, paper acidification and deterioration


Digitally Remastered Dustjackets -- Buyer Agreement

Buyer Agreement:

Please be aware that these terms are not meant to deter or scare away collectors, rather they are in place to protect us from unscrupulous dealers who may attempt to profit illegally from our many hours of hard work.  Yes, there have been incidents requiring us to take these measures.
These terms are quite similar to those placed on DVD movies to prevent digital piracy.


By placing an order for remastered dustjackets, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. remastered dustjackets may not to be reproduced or photocopied;

  2. remastered dustjackets may not be scanned or copied in any format -- by scanner, by digital camera or any other digital or mechanical manner;

  3. remastered dustjackets are protected by copyright -- any attempt to copy them for resale is a copyright infringement and subject to any penalties as mandated under US copyright law;

  4. The above terms shall serve as a contractual agreement between the buyer and seller.


In addition, please be advised that:

  1. Any legal dispute or action arising from failure to comply by the above terms and conditions shall be settled in the local jurisdiction of the seller;

  2. All expenses, legal and otherwise as well as any court costs arising from failure to comply by the above terms and conditions shall be paid by the buyer.



Digitally Remastered Dustjackets  -- Custom Orders

Any orders for dustjackets which have not been previously remastered are to be considered custom orders.


Custom Orders:

Dustjackets which have not been previously digitally remastered should be considered as custom orders, so I must start from scratch once the order is received.  As such, this should be considered as made-to-order custom artwork requiring extra time and extreme attention to detail.


Please understand that I have many orders to fulfill I must manage my time carefully -- often working on half a dozen jackets or more at any one given time with many more in queue. Each jacket is processed once that order reaches the top of the queue. All I ask in exchange for my efforts is that collector's are patient with me so that I can perform the necessary work. Newly requested titles do have a longer turnaround time, and depending on the orders placed, the current demand and the size of the order, it may take 6 to 8 weeks to complete the order. It is important to me that everyone receives a high quality jacket. I don't think I have ever displeased anyone by spending extra time in attention to detail to insure a high quality product.

I encourage you to take a look at my Before & After page to see our six phase remastering process and additional sample pictures along with an outline showing just how much time is spent working on each of these phases to ensure the best quality.


Because of the high quality results obtained, we've achieved a growing reputation causing an increase in demand  -- from new collectors who have eagerly discovered our dustjackets, to repeat customers who anxiously request more items.


Before & After



Archival Jacket Protectors

Shipping of Archival Mylar Jacket Protectors

In order to maximize savings for our customers, we order in high volume directly from the manufacturer.


We typically place restock orders with the manufacturer on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month

(with exceptions at Christmas-time, and other holidays).

At times, due to high order volume we may be out of stock of a particular size, in which case we must wait for manufacturer restock based on the above schedule.


To ensure the best turn-around time for your order, we recommend that you place your order on the 1st or 3rd Friday or Saturday of the month.  That way we can be sure to restock right away if the particular size requested is not on the shelf.


Common Jacket Protector Sizes

Over the last decade, we've found that well over 95% of our orders are for the 9" H x 19" W and 10" H by 21" W sizes. 

The 9" H jacket protectors fit a vast majority of book jackets printed prior to 1960, while the 10" H jacket protectors fit a vast majority of book jackets printed after 1960.  As a result, these are the two sizes which we stock most regularly.



Archival Jacket Protectors --  Extra Tall & Extra Long Sizes and Archival Polyester Film Rolls

Available by Special Order Only

Extra-Tall & Extra-Long Jacket Protector Sizes and Polyester Film Rolls

Should you require larger extra-tall or extra-long sizes, we strongly recommend that you carefully measure the book jacket first.

Please be aware that any extra-tall or extra-long sizes, and/or any polyester film rolls require longer processing time as we typically only special order such sizes on an as needed basis once per month. 


IMPORTANT -- If you are planning on ordering extra-tall or extra-long sizes or polyester film rolls, we recommend that you place your order on the 3rd Friday or Saturday of the month (for the same reason as explained above).  Be aware that these may require longer shipping time due to oversize packaging requirements which limit boxing options.


Payment Options

Payment can be made by Personal Check, Cashier's Check, Money Order or PayPal

Major Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover) are accepted via PayPal.

Money order payments are shipped within 2 working days. 
Personal checks may require a wait of up to 10 days before the item is shipped.

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