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Introduction Top 10 [1-10] Top 20 [11-20] Children's Books



Number 11:    The Hunchback of Notre Dame [Victor Hugo - Carey, Lea & Blachard - 1834]:

The first American edition was published as a two volume set by Carey, Lea & Blanchard in 1834.  The first edition was limited to 1,000 sets.


In 1923, A.L. Burt issued the first PhotoPlay edition of this title to coincide with the 1923 Universal film starring Lon Chaney and Patsy Ruth Miller.  This Burt edition was issued in brown cloth binding with gilt lettering and included four movie stills.  Collectors should be aware that A.L. Burt issued three printings of this PhotoPlay edition.  The only difference is the number of titles listed on the rear panel of the dustjacket.  The earliest printing lists five titles on the rear panel.


Number 12:    The Lost World [Arthur Conan Doyle - Hodder & Stoughton - 1912]:

The first edition (in book form) was published by Hodder & Stoughton.  This first edition was issued in blue cloth with white lettering.  The front board features a gilt silhouette of Professor Challenger writing his manuscript.  The outside edge of the front board is double boxed in white.


Number 13:    The House of a Thousand Candles [Meredith Nicholson - Bobbs Merrill - 1905]:

The first US edition was issued by Bobbs Merrill in 1905.  The book was issued in navy blue cloth with red lettering [to title & author].  The front board features a nine-pointed candelabra in yellow, red & white.  The first edition included   The text included 382 pages plus 2 pages of advertisements at rear.  This book was illustrated by Howard Chandler Christy and included a color frontispiece plus six internal illustrations {pp. 30,100, 124,164, 230, and 312.


The second edition was issued by Wessels in 1906.  The book binding was the same, however this book included only the frontispiece with all internal illustrations removed.



Number 14:   Heritage of the Desert [Zane Grey - Harpers - 1910]:

"Heritage of the Desert" was Zane Grey's first Western novel and his 4th novel overall.  It was preceded by the Ohio River Trilogy, namely "Betty Zane" [1903], "The Spirit of the Border" [1906] & "The Last Trail" [1909].

Heritage of the Desert was first published by Harper & Bros. in Sept. 1910.  The first edition was issued in navy blue cloth with front lettering in gilt and spine lettering in gilt and orange.  The front board featured an image of mountains and clouds in light blue and orange along upper half.  The first printing included a black & white frontispiece [with tissue guard] of a man and woman on horseback which was removed in later printings.


Unlike later Harper & Bros. first editions, this book did not have the code letters on the copyright page.

Harper & Bros. reissued this book in 1924 in dark green cloth binding.  The 1924 printing is marked "B-Y" on the copyright page indicating February, 1924.  This later edition did not have a frontispiece.


In 1924, Grosset & Dunlap would issue a PhotoPlay edition to coincide with the 1924 Paramount production featuring Jack Holt and Bebe Daniels.  This edition featured a photo front dustjacket, and would include four movie stills.


In 1932, Grosset & Dunlap would issue a second PhotoPlay edition to coincide with the 1932 Paramount remake featuring Randolph Scott and Sally Blane.  This edition featured a full color art dustjacket [similar to the movie poster] designed by Mach Tey.  This edition was later reprinted without film credits on front panel of jacket.


Number 15:  To Be Determined [Author - Publ - Year]:

The first edition was i


Number 16:   To Be Determined [Author - Publ - Year]:




Number 17:    To Be Determined [Author - Publ - Year]:

Mystery collectors are often quick to point out the "A" imprint on the copyright page to indicate a 1st edition, 1st printing on Scribners' editions.  However, Scribners did not begin using this designation until 1929 -- so the "A" desi


Number 18:    To Be Determined [Author - Publ - Year]:

The first edition of this


Number 19:  To Be Determined [Author - Publ - Year]:

A variant


Number 20:   To Be Determined [Author - Publ - Year]:

A variant



Stop the First Edition Madness
Are you an experienced collector or bibliographer that is frustrated and fed up with the plethora of first edition errors that abound in online auctions and even popular book search engines.  Can you stand the pain no longer.  Are you tired of emailing sellers with well-intentioned corrections, detailed attributions or bibliographical citations that go unheeded, ignored or even challenged.  Do you just want people to get it right once and for all.  Do you realize the irony that many collectors are being confused and sellers are unwittingly perpetuating these mistakes to the point of making them practically urban legends.  



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