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Ailsa Page -- Civil War Adventure

From the outbreak of the Civil War in the Deep South of Fort Sumter, South Carolina to life in New York in the Far North; from the 3rd Zoaves to the 8th Lancers -- a tale of the Civil War.

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America -- American Revolution Thriller

This is a glorious story of those stirring days which saw the founding of America as a republic.  All of the color and thrill and struggle and hardships of those anxious years are in this story, all of the gallantry of Paul Revere's ride, of Bunker Hill, of Lexington and Concord, all of the desperate sacrifices which our ancestors made to establish our freedom -- as seen through the eyes of a brave youth who served as a scout in the Continental Army, and a Tory maid who loved him.

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In this story, Mr. Chambers deals with the early years of the Great War.  Sickened by what seems to them at that time indifference on the part of the American Government, an odd group of men meet on the decks of a mule transport.  They have been drawn to this common rendezvous by a desire to enter the war and purge their souls in the fight for the freedom of the world.  There are twelve in the group, eight Americans, three Frenchman, and a Belgian, and prominent among them is Jim Neeland, whose earlier experience Mr. Chambers has related in "The Dark Star".  Barbarians records the adventures of these men, not together, but singly or in groups, along the whole western battle front, from the Belgian coast to the mountains of Alsace.  It is filled with unusual character sketches of the lives of the men in the Trenches, and of life in the little town just inside the lines of Battle  Through it all there is great beauty and wonderful sense of justice and right that is indeed more precious than peace.



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Danger Mark, The

The idle and over-rich society of New York furnishes the setting for this story, and the stage is crowded with those "whose sole intellectual relaxation is in pirouetting around the danger mark without overstepping, and is concealing it when they do."  Among them is a young girl who has ideals and bravely fights the tendencies of society and her own inherent weaknesses to maker herself worthy of the man she loves.

RCh_DangerMark.jpg (53456 bytes)


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Dark Star, The

A thrilling story of adventure based upon the work of the German and Turkish Secret Service and their attempts to recover the lost plans of the fortifications of Gallipoli which were made by a German agent years before the present War broke out.  Pretty Ruhannah Carew is a child of the Dark Star.  It is preordained, therefore, that her life will be filled with adventure.  An eventful childhood, followed by an amazing mock marriage and a hurried escape to Paris, fills her early life with excitement.  When the European War breaks out and Ruhannah cables her childhood friend, Jim Neeland, to bring over to her a box her father had originally brought from Gallipoli, she unintentionally plunges Neeland into intrigue and adventure, the like of which few men have ever experienced.  His courage, resourcefulness and charming manners enable him to outwit the German and Turkish agents repeatedly, and lead to a climax as thrilling as a tale from the Arabian Nights.

RCh_DStar.jpg (41387 bytes)


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Drums of Aulone, The

An absorbing tale of adventure in France and Canada in which youth and love play their parts.  The opening scenes of the story are in the France of Louis XIV at a time when the Huguenots were plaguing him on one side and troubles abroad on the other.  In the splendid gardens of Versailles, with their jeweled magnificence, all kinds of mystery, court intrigue and conspiracies flourished.  There Michelle de Moniscamp, a willful young French Huguenot girl of the noble house of Aulone, moved with the gay throng of courtiers until forced by a political plot to flee to England and later to Canada for refuge.  "Fearing God Alone" has long been the motto of the noble house of Aulone, and Michelle, who abides by it, has need of a stout heart as well as an unbending courage before she attains safety and happiness in Quebec. 



Dustjacket Only

Firing Line, The

A story of society life with a strong love interest showing the pitfalls and dangers which beset young men and women in the exotic society of rich Americans.  From the vivid opening of the first chapter to the vivid closing of the last there is no moment when character is not being tested in the crucible of circumstances.  It is a warm, full-blooded tale of American life and love.  There is no more adorable person in recent fiction than Sylvia Landis.  There rarely has been collected in any story such a fascinating company as those who take part in the battle of love on "The Firing Line."



Dustjacket Only

Flaming Jewel, The -- International Jewel Heist

The story begins with great excitement over a handful of gems, the greatest of which is the Flaming Jewel, a famous erosite stone.  This belongs to the Grand Duchess of Estonia; it has been stolen by an international band of crooks.  They in turn have been robbed of the famous jewel in Paris by Mike Clinch, a disreputable villain, who had a camp in the Adirondacks.  This was a meeting place of the dregs of humanity.  Mike makes his way to the Camp with his step-daughter, Eve.  It is because he loves her and is determined to make a lady of her that he has stolen the jewel.  James Darragh, a Secret Service Agent, arrives disguised as a poacher, gains Clinch's hospitality.  Quintana and his band of ruffians arrive from Europe and track Clinch to the mountains.  There are desperate doings, during which the jewel is stolen and re-stolen and through Darragh's efforts, Even finally restores it to its rightful owner.  Eve's love story and that of the Grand Duchess are woven into the sensational background.

RCh_FlamingJewels.jpg (66982 bytes)


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Gitana -- Mexican War Spy Thriller

Cast against the dramatic background of the Mexican War, the story is that of young Captain Maddox and of the beautiful gypsy girl, Gitana, whose destiny so strangely crossed his own.  Captain Maddux, a member of the Military Intelligence Department, served in and out of the Mexican lines and was his country's chief source of military information.  it was in the performance of this dangerous role that he came upon the wild-blooded dancer, Gitana, with whom he fell in love.  In the course of his romance, and in the development of the exciting narrative, the inner workings of the Military Intelligence Service, the life of Texas Rangers, Indian scouts, Mexican soldiers, lancers, and peons, are all colorfully described.  There is an acute appraisal of the numerous forces motivating the action of the war, while the full-dimensional historical canvas includes the outstanding personalities of the time.  Upon this canvas appear portraits of Buchanan, Polk, Zachary Taylor, Jefferson Davis and many others.

RCh_Gitana.jpg (47925 bytes)


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Happy Parrot, The -- Pirate Swashbuckler

A gallant tale of pirate ships, slave-runners, a fair heroine and a valiant hero.  Laid in the troublesome days for American shipping that preceded the War of 1812, the story concerns the handsome young Jack Strake who commanded the ship, "The Happy Parrot", on her slave running trips for a heavy-handed master.  Clearing the troublesome waters about New York, "The Happy Parrot" heads for Amelia Island, the headquarters of the slave running conspirators, when Cynthia, the spirited young niece of Captain Quinn, turns up on board to add to Jack Strake's difficulties.  There follows a series of adventures with pirates, foreign men-of-war,  with savages and dangers from sea and man, until the tumultuous story has come to a ringing end.

RCh_HappyParrot.jpg (63753 bytes)


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In Secret -- World War I Espionage

sited on the Swiss frontier during the Great War. When Evelyn Erith stumbled upon the suspicious letter that came into the hands of the Censorship office all her adventurous spirit responded to the lure of uncovering its secret. Bred in luxury, this beautiful girl put aside all the comforts of wealth to bear the hardships of an extraordinary search for information which was vital to the United States Government. Where that search led and into what unheard-of adventures with the mysterious Kay MacKay on the Swiss Frontier is a romance which Robert W. Chambers unfolds with a tension that grows to the final scene.



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Love and the Lieutenant -- American Revolution Thriller

A striking period in American history, this story of the American Revolution concerns the British recruiting mission to Germany and the efforts of the Yankees to thwart this move.  One of those engaged in this phase of the war was the "Baroness Von Lessing," a sweet, saucy American girl, who, posing as the wife of a German noble, is engaged in dissuading the Hessian soldiers from service under George III.  Returning to America, she is followed by a headstrong British loyalist, Captain Seadrift, who had come to suspect her actual role, and from then on a tilt develops, in which love troubles the course of duty and steadily draws together the handsome Britisher and the lively Yankee miss who are supposed to be enemies.

RCh_LoveLt.jpg (125241 bytes)


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Man They Hanged, The [Captain Kidd] -- Pirate Swashbuckler

This fine historical romance by Robert W. Chambers forms a refutation of a slander widely circulated, almost universally believed, but as it proves not sustained by historical fact. "The Man They Hanged" shows conclusively that Captain Kidd, famed as a pirate was never a pirate at all. Mr. Chambers has gone back to the documents of the day, and shows how Kidd was in fact an honest and honorable citizen. The scene of the story is largely laid in old New York, when the city was still a walled town and made up of a small cluster of buildings about the tip of the island, around the Battery. Here one sees Kidd, and his wife, Sarah Oort, and the two young people, charming Sancia and gallant Dirck, who afford a note of love romance. As the story unfolds one follows Kidd to the high seas, and in the end to his English prison.

RCh_ManTheyHanged.jpg (68337 bytes)


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Mystery Lady, The -- Pirate Gold

Off the lonely coast of the Carolinas there lies an island called Tiger Island in the lee of which during pirate days a Spanish galleon full of gold was sunk. Toward this island in our modern day there converges a motley collection of people -- a band of international crooks, a beautiful girl who seeks vengeance upon the crooks for her brother, a manly government agent who believes the girl to be one of the desperate band. It's hard to say which is the best part of it -- the beginning where the heroine joins the Millionaire's Club, a band of crooks, to avenge her brother, or the latter half of the story which concerns the search for sunken treasure on a lonely island.  What follows in that strange setting makes the most exciting and breath-taking romance Robert W. Chambers has ever written.



Dustjacket Only

Rake and the Hussy, The -- War of 1812 Spy Thriller

The period is that of the War of 1812, and the central character is a reckless young blade, named Joshua Brooke, who is in love with the courageous patriot girl, Naia.  Together these two plunge into the thick of the military operations and help Andrew Jackson fight off the British forces by land and sea.  The story, however, does not confine itself to the events of New Orleans.  Privateers and their brushes with the British; the spies who at the time infested this country; the disloyalty of certain states and individuals; the plots for invasion with the assistance of the Indians; the "prophet" and Tecumseh and their final defeat by Harrison; all the phases of these glamorous chapters in American history are masterfully woven into this story.  Further, this is a novel of sweeping action, from the duel which young Brooke fights as a visitor of the hell-raking court of the English Prince Regent, to the climax, Jackson's defense of New Orleans.

RCh_RakeHussy.jpg (64432 bytes)


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Rogue's Moon, The -- Pirate Swashbuckler

In this dashing tale of piracy, glows the life and color of a picturesque time --an absorbing and thrilling romance of life among the buccaneers.  Recalled are the famous pirates of other days as they plied their horrid trade, and as they swarmed to their rendezvous at the celebrated old Lost Sail Tavern in Carolina.  Captain Death, Mary Read, Israel Hornygold, and that blackest villain of them all, Edward Teach -- how they swagger through these scenes of perilous adventure!  The heroine, Nancy Topsfield, who moves among her pirate companions disguised as a boy, is one of the happiest of creations, and the working out of her love romance with Jack Ross contributes powerful heart interest to the tale.

RCh_RoguesMoon.jpg (96024 bytes)


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Secret Service Operator 13 -- Civil War Spy Thriller

Before one's eyes is unfolded the drama of the espionage systems, both Union and Confederate, during the Civil War.  At the outset, Gail Loveless, a beautiful actress, craving excitement, is initiated into the Union Secret Service by being sent, with the famous agent, Pauline Cushman, to Jeb Stuart's headquarters.  Stuart has caught and hanged two of the North's best spies already, yet Gail disguised as "Lucille Lyndon," mulatto laundress, makes her way successfully to her post.  In the course of events, she discovers in the handsome eagle-eyed Confederate agent, Jack Galliard, just who is to be her most dangerous enemy, and decides that the danger will not be entirely in the line of duty, either ...

RCh_Operator13.jpg (113707 bytes)


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Whistling Cat -- Civil War -- Field Telegraph Service

The grand panorama of the present novel is the Civil War in all of the sweep and epic drama of its fratricidal course.  Against the greater background the story focuses down upon the activities of the Federal field telegraph service, a thrilling, yet little known phase, of that mighty conflict.  The central characters are two young operators, a man and a woman who both come from the Texas town of "Whistling Cat."  Thrown together by common dangers, a beautiful romance grows up between them although this is threatened at every moment by the imminence of capture or death.  Along with their mutual adventures, an exciting account is given of the field telegraph service, of meetings with famous Southern spies, of escapes before cavalry charges, of wires tapped, and of messages intercepted.  Beyond this, the novel embraces a magnificent picture of the war as a whole -- the actual battles, campaigns and political intrigues.  Such historical personages as Lincoln, Grant, Lee, Sherman, Sheridan, Thomas and others are introduced ...

RCh_WhstlgCat.jpg (59397 bytes)


Dustjacket Only

Who Goes There -- World War I -- Field Telegraph Service

The scenes of this story are laid in Belgium and in England at the outset of the present European War.  Captured and treated as a prisoner of war, Kervyn Guild, a young American of Belgian ancestry, is taken before the General of the German Army.  His frankness tempts the General to offer him an opportunity to secure his release by returning to England and to bring back a young woman in whom the General is interested.  Guild accepts the offer and undertakes to fulfill his mission.  Mr. Chambers pictures the incidents of the search with startling accuracy of detail.  But this vivid description of the realities of the war only serves to lend a more human touch to the delightful romance that really dominates the story.



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