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Enter the World of Series Books


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new dustjacket program which we hope will serve as a welcome resource by making rare vintage dustjackets once again available to collectors. 



When adding items to cart, please be sure to check if you are selecting
remastered dustjackets only or books and dustjackets together. 

At the top of the webpage, you will see tabs for different categories, if the tab indicates dustjackets, all the listings below are for dustjackets only -- if the tab indicates books, all the listings below will be for books or books with jackets [original or remastered], see the specific listing for details.  Also, check the top of the page for the title line of "Vintage Books" or "Digitally Remastered Dustjackets" above the author's name.

The majority of our listings are for digitally remastered dustjackets.  However, we are regularly adding inventory for vintage books also -- for clarity, these are listed on separate webpages.  As an added safeguard, our listings have now been updated with captions below the price, and our shopping cart buttons also have "mouse over" tags as further indicators.

As always, the shopping cart listings will clearly show what is being purchased. 

Please review your order carefully before completing checkout !



Please browse our listings which now include a shopping cart &
secure checkout feature via PayPal for your convenience.


The Crime Club
When the first Crime Club mystery knocks at your very door ...
You have been expecting that knock all day -- you were warned. It is the first day of the month and the Crime Club never fails. The moment passes. Quiet footsteps move away. Yet your excitement does not abate. In your hand you hold a scarlet package bound with black tape. What is its secret? In an instant you are plunged headlong into mystery! Hours or days later, when you put the contents of the scarlet box aside, finished, you have adventured. you have been thrilled, terrified. You have followed the most skillful, scientific criminals, the most dastardly murderers, the most modern outlaws from crime to retribution. You have traveled with and followed the thoughts of the greatest detectives in all the twisty torturous fields of mystery fiction. And you know a secret Crime Club members never tell. Men like Woodrow Wilson, Premier Baldwin of England, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, have all stated that mysteries were their great recreation. Powers in the financial world, the social world, the world of art, are the people who demanded the Crime Club -- who caused the Crime Club actually to be created. The most thrilling mystery or detective novel the Crime Club can find -- that is the new adventure offered you every month by this unique organization. It may be the newest by Edgar Wallace, the latest exploit of Sherlock Holmes, a new baffler from the pen of Mary Roberts Rinehart. These and many others -- the best mystery novelists of the world -- are Crime Club authors. They are writing for you. When the Crime Club points its finger, it chooses the best new novel out of the entire Crime Club list to send to you. A jury of famous critics and authors makes the selection. They are hard to satisfy and their choice is a guarantee of thrills.

Enter the world of PhotoPlay Editions


Dustjacket Inquiries!

Our dustjacket inventory is growing quickly, however there are
literally thousands of dustjackets not yet listed in our web store. 

If you don't see the dustjacket you need, please e-mail us and ask.


We specialize in Platinum Age (1897-1937) dustjackets - yes, just like comic books.

Our inventory consists primarily of popular fiction of that era including
adventure, aviation, mysteries, childrens' series books, photoplays, swashbucklers and westerns.
Outside of this era & genres, our selections are limited -- however feel free to inquire.

Click on the box below to e-mail your comments, suggestions or inquiries to us:


Enter our newly designed Series Gallery (under construction)



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