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Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu, The -- #1  -- A. L. Burt Edition  [PhotoPlay Edition also available]

Master of Death -- death in every form, brutal, mysterious -- death of the body and death of the mind and soul.  That was Fu Manchu, the greatest criminal genius the world has ever known.  Subtly, his world-wide organization has grown and spread, its tentacles reaching into the very governments and police forces of the West.  Only one man knew the full danger of Fu Manchu's plan -- Sir Denis Nayland Smith.  On him alone depended the fate of Western civilization -- and Fu Manchu had marked him for extinction !!

Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu -- Sax Rohmer


Dustjacket Only

Return of Dr. Fu Manchu, The -- #2  -- A. L. Burt Edition

Imagine a man more daring than Raffles, more adroit than Arsene Lupin, more powerful than any other criminal of history or romance -- and you do not fully picture the diabolical genius of Dr. Fu Manchu.  No other creature has ever possessed the evil ingenuity that actuates the Yellow Doctor.  Fu Manchu travels dark ways:  his servants fear but dare not betray him; and his weapons are potent, terrible and strange.  Against this man, almost invincible in his hatred of civilization, Nayland Smith and Dr. Petrie pit all the courage and resoursefulness they own.  All the while, moving through their lives with a wistful and terrible charm, is a beautiful slave girl ...

Return of Dr. Fu Manchu -- Sax Rohmer


Dustjacket Only

Hand of Fu Manchu, The --  #3  -- A. L. Burt Edition

Again, the infamous arch-criminal comes to renew his attack against the white race. Cunning and mercilous as ever, Fu Manchu brings to the aid of his old forces a new and bitter determination to conquer his enemies, Nayland Smith and Dr. Petrie, and he is assisted by a mysterious organization -- The Si Fan -- whose members are found in all parts of the earth, but behind whose every act can be dimly perceived the hand of Fu Manchu. To what desperate adventures does this hand point, to what struggles, plots and narrow escapes ...

Hand of Fu Manchu -- Sax Rohmer


Dustjacket Only

Daughter of Fu Manchu, The -- #4  -- A. L. Burt Edition

Fu Manchu, that fascinating arch villain whose machinations have lead thousands of breathless readers through the maazes of Sax Rohmer's thrilling tales of Limehouse, has a daughter who is as alluring and evil as her sire. This story of Fah Lo Suee, "The Council of Seven," the secret drugs of life and death, and Shan Greville, the archeologist who falls dead over a sarcophagus in Luxor to wake up in Limehouse, is Sax Rohmer's most sleep-shattering tale.he is at home again in Honolulu, the crossroads of the Pacific, a colorful scene.

Daughter of Fu Manchu -- Sax Rohmer


Dustjacket Only

Mask of Fu Manchu, The --  #5  -- A. L. Burt Edition

Fu Manchu, younger, clever, more sinister than ever before, makes his greatest bid for power when he seeks the gold mask of the prophet El Mokanna -- the mask which gives its possessor vast power over the desert hordes. Dr. Fu Manchu, triumphant in his search for drugs which would arrest the ravages of age, has returned to his ambition to raise the society of the Si-Fan to world domination, an ambition which possession of the mask will fulfill. Sir Lionel Barton and Shan Greville stood in his way, for they, not he, had discovered the sacred mask in its hiding place in the desert ...

Mask of Fu Manchu -- Sax Rohmer


Dustjacket Only

Bride of Fu Manchu, The -- #6  -- A. L. Burt Edition

The emperor of the underworld had raised her from birth to carry on his monstrous line -- beautiful Fleurette, whose birth was a mysterious secret. Alan Sterling, young orchid-hunter, first saw her on the little French beach and knew that he had never seen anyone more beautiful. That was before the strange plague had stricken Dr. Petrie, before Sir Denis Nayland Smith had sped from Scotland Yard to battle his old adversary again. For Fu Manchu was at work once more, in his rock laboratories by the sea, preparing step by step the machinery of the reign of terror which was to blot out white civilization ...

Bride of Fu Manchu -- Sax Rohmer


Dustjacket Only

Trail of Fu Manchu, The -- #7 -- Doubleday Crime Club Edition

The exotic and beautiful Fleurette -- raised from birth to carry on the monstrous line of the emperor of the underworld -- escapes his grasp, aided by Alan Sterling, her fiance, and Sir Denis Nayland Smith, England's most brilliant detective. Then begins a gigantic struggle, for the dread Manchu does not easily relinquish his plans. Deep in the bowels of the earth (far below the level of the Thames) under Sam Pak's, a Limehouse resort of evil reputation, the sinister Dr. Manchu weaves the net with which he intends to recapture Fleurette. At the same time, in a huge and grotesque furnace, he is performing some fantastic experiments, the fires for which must be fed with human flesh! And dwelling with him in his grotto of horror is his fascinating daughter, Fah Lo Suee, who has fallen madly in love with Sir Denis. The evil doctor casts his net, it tightens -- and deposits before the maw of his hungry furnace the trussed figures of Alan and Sir Denis. There they lie, fuel for the flames, doomed to an unspeakable death. Then Nayland Smith plays his last trump -- and the greatest of all Fu Manchu stories swings into its thrilling climax.



Dustjacket Only

President Fu Manchu, The -- #8 -- Doubleday Crime Club Edition

Sir Denis Nayland Smith arrives in America in pursuit of Fu Manchu at a time when the political situation is desperate. A presidential campaign is under way with Orwin Prescott on the conservative ticket as one candidate and Harvey Bragg, founder of The League of Good Americans, another. The situation is further complicated by the "radio priest," Dom Patrick Donegal. It is a campaign like no other campaign has ever been and many strange forces seem to be at work beneath the surface -- forces that cannot be explained until a Government agent learns that one of the candidates is a puppet of Fu Manchu, and that with his election Fu Manchu will be dictator of the United States. This is the situation that confronts Nayland Smith. It is up to him to stem the tide that will inevitably elect Fu Manchu's puppet to the Presidency and make the Oriental menace the real emperor of America. There follows then a desperate struggle between this unseen head of the underworld and Nayland Smith; a struggle that ends with the most startling climax ever conceived by the powerful imagination of the author.



Dustjacket Only

Drums of Fu Manchu, The -- #9 -- Doubleday Crime Club Edition

Nayland Smith, whose battle with Dr. Fu Manchu has raged up and down the world for many years and several books, finds himself appointed to the responsible job of protecting the various dictators, financiers and diplomats to whom the Chinese doctor has decreed death. As possible aggressors in a war which he does not wish to happen, two of these men have already been poisoned by Fu Manchu's orders, and several others given final warning of his intentions should they continue their international disturbance. Nayland Smith is partly unsuccessful in his mission to protect Rudolf Adlon, German dictator, and Monaghani, Italian leader, but is still able, by using Fu Manchu's weapons against himself, to salvage the key position in their struggle. In a thrilling, dramatic close, the voice of Fu Manchu speaks to Nayland Smith, promising unceasing, devious war on Europe and the Western world.



Dustjacket Only

Island of Fu Manchu, The -- #10 -- Doubleday Crime Club Edition

When Sir Denis Nayland Smith and Bart Kerrigan followed Dr. Fu Manchu from London to New York, they believed they were headed for the center of the Chinese doctor's activities in America. Armed with a map which purported to be a treasure map left by Christophe of Haiti, they also carried with them a priceless hostage which Fu Manchu was desperate to recapture. In New York Nayland Smith and Kerrigan first met the mysterious death of the Snapping Fingers, and in the Canal Zone were guided by the talking mummy head, but it was in Haiti under the protection of the green snake and the seven-pointed star that they finally met the full force of Fu Manchu's diabolical plans.



Dustjacket Only


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