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Abdullah, Achmed -- Thief of Bagdad

1924 United Artists Film -- starring Douglas Fairbanks & Anna May Wong

The thief will steal the gold from your purse; the food from your house; or the magic rope. Whatever he wants, he takes and he has decided to steal from the Caliph - until he sees the Princess. The thief falls in love with the Caliph of Bagdad's daughter, losing his heart to her., and disguises himself as Prince Ahmed - one of four royal suitors for her hand. When she picks him, he is overcome and confesses to his true nature which gets him flogged and thrown out of the palace. But he can yet win the Princess as all the suitors travel to find the rarest of treasures. The Caliph will give her hand to the suitor that brings back the rarest treasure after seven moons. The thief sets off on a magical journey while, unbeknownst to him, another suitor, the Prince of the Mongols, is not playing by the rules...  His trip is fraught with danger as he competes against the magic carpet brought by the Prince of Persia, the magic crystal stolen by the Prince of India and the magic apple taken by the Mongol Prince - who desires the Princess and the city of Bagdad.

Thief of Bagdad - Achmed Abdullah - 1924 Photoplay - Douglas Fairbanks, Anna May Wong


Dustjacket Only

Ball, Eustace Hall -- Gaucho, The

1927 United Artists Film -- starring Douglas Fairbanks & Lupe Velez

Romance, whimsicality and dramatic power combine with an exquisite spirituality to make this story the supreme sensation of Mr. Fairbanks' great career.  The daring exploits of a roistering outlaw of the Argentine.  The struggle between the loves of the senses and the soul, and the regeneration of the gay Guerilla of the Pampas.  These are only a few of the colorful elements of this absorbing narrative.

Gaucho - Eustace Ball Hall - 1927 Photoplay - Douglas Fairbanks, Lupe Velez


Dustjacket Only

Bercovici, Konrad -- Volga Boatman, The

1926 Demille Films -- starring William Boyd & Elinore Faire

To readers of modern fiction the great country of Russia with all its passionate and colorful romance, its dramatic history and its rich folk lore as been a closed book. Now comes simultaneously with Cecil DeMille's epic moving picture depicting the Russian Revolution, the story from which it was produced, written by one who understands the passionate heart that bears beneath a Russian tunic whether the wearer be lord or peasant, gypsy or boatman on the Volga. The hero is one of these boatmen lifted by the Revolution into a place of power and opportunity. The heroine is a daughter, of the nobility who casts her lot with that of the common people. Within the brief space between the covers of this book is spread the whole comic, tragic and romantic panorama of the most exciting days of Russia's history.



Dustjacket Only

DeHass, Arlene & Zanuck, Darryl -- Noah's Ark

1928 Warner Bros Film -- starring George O'Brien, Delores Costello, Myrna Loy

An enthralling romance of today that finds its parallel in the times when the Great Flood engulfed the world. Cosmopolitan Europe where all nations meet and mingle; a lovely young musician from Vienna, a German, a Russian, a Frenchman and an American -- who could tell what amazing patterns Destiny was to weave around them? Comrades careless and carefree one moment; bitter enemies, vibrant with deadly hates and burning passions the next. Then Paris, caught in the mad whirlpool of war. And the musician finds herself a thread in the entangling shuttle of fate that leads her to days of old when men worshipped strange gods. A breathless love story that winds its way to a radiant climax.

Noah's Ark - Arlene DeHass, Darryl Zanuck - 1928 Photoplay - George O'Brien, Myrna Loy


Dustjacket Only

Doyle, Arthur Conan -- Lost World, The

1925 First National Film -- starring Wallace Beery, Bessie Love & Lewis Stone

Explorer Professor Challenger is taking quite a beating in the London press thanks to his claim that living dinosaurs exist in the far reaches of the Amazon. Newspaper reporter Edward Malone learns that this claim originates from a diary given to him by fellow explorer Maple White's daughter, Paula. Malone's paper funds an expedition to rescue Maple White, who has been marooned at the top of a high plateau. Joined by renowned hunter John Roxton, and others, the group goes to South America, where they do indeed find a plateau inhabited by pre-historic creatures, one of which they even manage to bring back to London with them.

Lost World - Arthur Conan Doyle - 1925 Photoplay - Wallace Beery, Bessie Love


Dustjacket Only

Farnol, Jeffrey -- Amateur Gentleman, The

1926 First National Film -- starring Rich Barthelmess & Dorothy Dunbar

Barnabas Barty, a country-bred youth, son of the retired champion pugilist of England, is left a fortune; he sets forth for London to "become a gentleman," has many adventures, meets people of many different types, and falls in love with a fascinating heroine.

Amateur Gentleman - Jeffery Farnol - 1926 Photoplay - Richard Barthelmess, Dorothy Dunbar


Dustjacket Only

Forman, Henry & Woods, Walter -- Pony Express, The

1925 Paramount Film -- starring Ricardo Cortez & Betty Compson

During those threatening days of 1860 and 1861 the daring matchless riders of the Pony Express between Missouri and California did much to save the United States from disintegration. California was about to secede and set up a separate republic. Jack Weston, the hero of this thrilling romance, a lover of California, took it upon himself, at the risk of his life, to keep the state in the Union. His work was complicated by conspiracy and made more difficult and dangerous by his love for the pioneer girl, Molly Jones. Yet, at all hazards, in spite of all the dangers of Indians, of road agents and conspirators, his fearlessness and patriotism triumphed and he won through to victory.

Pony Express - Henry Forman, Walter Woods - 1925 Photoplay - Ricardo Cortez


Dustjacket Only

Gates, MacBurney --  Black Pirate, The

1926 Fairbanks Film -- starring Douglas Fairbanks & Billie Dove

The Black Pirate begins in the famed city of Porto Bello; it is the time when the tall galleons carried wondrous treasure across the sea to Old Spain.  And, also, it was the time the sea rovers flourished in the Spanish Main; when their low, black ships, flew the "Jolly Roger;" when their armed crews of ruffians were bent on booty of minted money and bars of gold.  It is the story of a gallant youth who stepped, unafraid, into the heart of danger, and whose hardihood wins him a way where death alone seems his portion.  And, in the end, when all seems lost, it tells how he gains a splendid victory, together with the girl he loves.

Black Pirate - MacBurney Gates - 1926 Photoplay - Douglas Fairbanks, Billie Dove


Dustjacket Only

Gray, George Arthur [James Fenimore Cooper] -- Leatherstocking Tales

1924 Pathe Film -- starring Edna Murphy & Walter Miller




Dustjacket Only

Hill, Edwin -- Iron Horse, The

1924 Fox Film -- starring Madge Bellamy & George O'Brien

This novel portrays in an absorbing way one of the very greatest events in American history, the building of the first transcontinental railway. It is an epic of titanic labor, Man pitted against Nature in the shock of combat. Across the great trail falls the majestic shadow of Lincoln, the Builder, Lincoln who foresaw that an empire would spring to life with the first magnetic touch of the steel-shod hoof of the Iron Horse. Against the background of the thrilling life of the Old West is thrown a vivid picture of the terrific building race between the two roads which were to unite and make one: Of the battle with the hostile Sioux and Cheyennes, of the bad, mad towns which mushroomed and decayed as the rails thrust forward like shining rapiers: of the heroic exploits of unconquerable men: the whole mellowed with a love story of the most appealing charm.



Dustjacket Only

Hilton, James -- Knight Without Armor

1937 London Films -- starring Marlene Dietrich & Robert Donat


Knight Without Armor - James Hilton - 1937 Photoplay - Marlene Dietrich, Robert Donat


Dustjacket Only

Hope, Anthony -- The Prisoner of Zenda

From the moment Rudolph Rassendyll of England met the King of Ruritania in the Forest of Zenda, life became a series of tremendous complications and a maze of such rousing adventures as his imagination had never conceived.  This is, indeed a story to stir the imagination, alive as it is with thrilling events, spiced with swordplay and the daring of men in danger, and romantic with the love of a fine man for a lovely woman in the days of chivalry.

Prisoner of Zenda - Anthony Hope - 1922 Photoplay - Ramon Navarro


Dustjacket Only

MacPherson, Jeanie -- King of Kings

1927 Demille (Pathe) Films -- starring H.B. Warner & Carmel Myers

Laid in the might mise-en-scene of ancient Galilee and Samaria, this novel tells the wondrous story of the Man of Nazareth as picturized in Cecil B. DeMille's great motion picture. The action starts with two travelers coming away from the sumptuous banquet hall of Mary of Magdala, and thereafter includes many of the beloved scenes and characters of the New Testament. Among the participants of the action surrounding the central Figure are the impulsive, giant-souled Peter, the worldly Judas, the repentant Magdalene, the proud High Priest of Jerusalem, the majestic Pontius Pilate, the lovely Proculla, the robber Barabbas, the peasant Simon and the boy Saint Mark. The action moves rapidly, crowded as it is with so much incident and with such enthralling characters. Few persons who dip into the book will willingly lay it down before the close. Persons of any creed or those of no creed can enjoy it equally because it is written with a view not to religious differences, but in the reverent thought of picturing impartially and dramatically this unique theme.

King of Kings - Jeanie MacPherson - 1927 Photoplay - H B Warner


Dustjacket Only

MacPherson, Jeanie -- Ten Commandments, The

1924 Paramount Film -- starring Richard Dix & Rod La Roque

From the glories of the Pharoahs, the Miracle of the Red Sea, and the destruction from Sinai of the worshippers of the Golden Calf, to the mad competition and struggle for love, wealth and pleasure today. Such is the wide range of "The Ten Commandments," Jeanie Macpherson's brilliant story which forms the groundwork of Cecil B. DeMille's stupendous motion picture and which Henry MacMahon has novelized in these pages of enthralling, picturesque narrative. In the first half towers the grand figure of the Lawgiver opposed by primitive lusts and greeds. Passion's slave is represented by the beautiful priestess of the Calf of Gold. The story shifts midway of the book to typical commandment breakers of the present. Dan, the youth who defies the Code to "get" whatever he wants; Mary the pretty and ignorant rebel, and Sally, reincarnation of the eternal Magdalene, are of the very essence of this fevered age. What happens to them, and to John and Martha, exponents of the Victorian Age of Belief, is worked out with an unsparing logic and masterful handling of thrills, suspense, laughter and tears.

Ten Commandments - Jeanie MacPherson - 1924 Photoplay - Richard Dix


Dustjacket Only

McCulley, Johnston  -- Mark of Zorro, The

1920 Fairbanks Film -- starring Douglas Fairbanks

Don Diego Vega gets the name of being a good-for-nothing, because of an apparently disinterested attitude toward the world.  The natives are maltreated and cruelly ruled by the Governor and priests are persecuted.  Don Diego masquerades in black covering his face with a mask, and rides the hills avenging the oppressed.  No one is able to capture him because of his wonderful skill with the sword.  When in a fight he always leaves his mark on his opponent, a "Z" cut into his face.  Soon he gets the caballeros on his side, and with them rescues from prison Don Carlos Pulido, his wife and Lolita, their daughter, the girl he loves.  She loves him as Zorro, but cannot stand him as Don Diego, not realizing that he is playing two parts.  In the end he and Ramon fight a duel in which the captain gets the "Z" on his forehead.  Thus it is revealed who Don Diego is and her father is proud of him -- not mentioning the admiration the girl has for him.

Mark of Zorro - Johnston McCulley - 1920 Photoplay - Douglas Fairbanks


Dustjacket Only

Pritchard, K & H  -- Don Q's Love Story [Son of Zorro]

1925 United Artists Film -- starring Douglas Fairbanks & Mary Astor

A young California-born Spanish don is sent to Spain to complete his education. His whip gets him into trouble with the Captain of the Queen's guards -- which results in a duel. In the midst of the fight, a bull, attracted by the red cape of his adversary, charges the captain. The Queen sees the daring rescue of the officer by Don Cesar, and is urged by her cousin to send for the young Californian, and he is presented at court. He meets Dolores, the lady of his heart, when he leaps a garden wall to escape the plaudits of the crowd. All goes well until he is accused of murdering the archduke. To escape disgrace Don Cesar feigns suicide, becomes the mysterious Don Q and sets out to clear his name. How, aided by his father, they capture the real murderer after many thrilling adventures, and Don Cesar is reunited with the lovely Dolores, forms the climax of this fascinating romantic melodrama.

Don Q Son of Zorro - K & H Pritchard - 1925 Photoplay - Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Astor


Dustjacket Only

Sabatini, Rafael -- Captain Blood

1924 Vitagraph Film -- starring J. Warren Kerrigan & Jean Paige

The story of the redoubtable Peter Blood -- the much-loved story of a physician and gentleman turned pirate & buccaneer par excellance, Captain of the great ship Arabella, terror of the Spaniard, and undisputed master of the waters of the Spanish Main.  Captain Blood is the much-loved story of a physician and gentleman turned pirate. Peter Blood, wrongfully accused of high treason and sentenced to death -- he is instead condemned to slavery in Barbados.  He narrowly escapes his fate on a captured Spanish ship and finds himself in the company of buccaneers -- then follows his sea fights and desperate adventures as a freebooter.  Embarking on his new life with remarkable skill and bravery, Blood becomes the 'Robin Hood' of the Spanish seas.  The story has glamour and beauty, and it is told with an easy confidence.  As for Blood himself, he is a superman, compounded of a sardonic humor, cold nerves, and hot temper.  Both the story and the man are masterpieces.  A great figure, a great epoch, a great story.  This is swashbuckling adventure at its best.

Captain Blood - Rafael Sabatini - 1924 Photoplay - Warren Kerrigan, Jean Paige


Dustjacket Only

Sabatini, Rafael -- Scaramouche

1923 Metro Film -- starring Ramon Novarro & Alice Terry

The scene of "Scaramouche" is laid in France of the Revolution.  Forced to flee for his revolutionary activities, the hero joins a band of strolling players, and takes the part of Scaramouche, one of the stock characters of the French drama, whose rogueries, witticisms and adventures fit his own nature to perfection.  There follows a romance, tense, colorful and profoundly absorbing that carries one spellbound through crowded days of glorious adventure.  Never will the reader forget the sardonic Scaramouche, who fights equally well with tongue and rapier, who was "born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad."

Scaramouche - Rafael Sabatini - 1923 Photoplay - Ramon Novarro, Alice Terry


Dustjacket Only

Sabatini, Rafael  -- Sea Hawk, The

1924 First National Film -- starring Milton Sills & Enid Bennett

Sir Oliver Tressilian, Cornish gentleman, became a follower of Mahmud, and a Barbary corsair, winning for himself the title of Sakr-el-Bahr -- Hawk of the Sea.  He adopts the picturesque Barbary costume and becomes a favorite of the Basha.  Finally on a captured Spanish ship he invades the coast of England and carries away the girl whose love for him has been poisoned by falsehood and whose unforgiving hate had kept him from returning to his home.  To save her from the harem of the Basha, he defies his commander, and determines on escape.  Undoubtedly, this is one of the most dramatic moments in any of Mr. Sabatini's books, and the story of their subsequent adventures makes a superb and thrilling epic of romance.  "The Sea Hawk" is a book of fierce bright color and amazing adventure through which stalks one of the truly great and masterful figures of romance.

Sea Hawk - Rafael Sabatini - 1924 Photoplay - Milton Sills, Enid Bennett


Dustjacket Only

Scott, Sir Walter  -- Talisman, The [Richard the Lion Hearted]

1923 MGM Allied Film -- Wallace Beery & Margarite de La Motte



Dustjacket Only

Verne, Jules -- Michael Strogoff

1926 Universal Films -- starring Ivan Mosjoukine & Nathalie Kovanko




Dustjacket Only

Wright, A.E.R. -- Old Ironsides

1926 Paramount Film -- Wallace Beery & George Bancroft



Dustjacket Only


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