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Dawn Patrol -- Fowler, Guy

1930 First National Film -- Rich Barthelmess & Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

It seemed in those wintry days of 1916, when England faced her doom, that Richard Courtney became a man of destiny, chosen for some subtle reason to live even when he flung his challenge into the face of death...

Dawn Patrol - Guy Fowler - 1930 Photoplay - Douglas Fairbanks


Dustjacket Only

Dirigible -- Andrews, Frank

1931 Columbia Film -- starring Jack Holt & Fay Wray

It was Navy Day at Lakehurst.  The sky was dotted with balloons, blimps and planes without number.  At intervals, high over the spectators, the silver nose of the Pensacola, the mammoth dirigible, could be observed as it rode through the clouds much as a giant mammal ploughing through the waters.  here is the background of a story filled with the raw spirit of adventure, indomitable courage and a thrilling flight to Antarctica...

Dirigible - Frank Andrews - 1931 Photoplay - Jack Holt, Fay Wray


Dustjacket Only

Flight -- Franklyn, Irwin

1929 Columbia Film -- starring Jack Holt & Lila Lee



Flight - Irwin Franklyn - 1929 Photoplay - Jack Holt, Lila Lee


Dustjacket Only

Lilac Time -- Fowler, Guy

1928 First National Film -- starring Gary Cooper & Colleen Moore

Jeannine is a wistful little French girl who is both mother and sister to the seven young sky fighters of the Royal Fighting Corps quartered on her mother's farm near the French front. On the field dressed as a mechanic, she causes Captain Philip Blythe to "crack up" when that handsome young officer lands there. Thinking her a boy, he cuffs her for her clumsiness and she plans her revenge. But instead the little miss soon is praying in the lilac garden before the statue of Joan of Arc to make the brave captain love her. Philip's fiancée causes a temporary halt in Cupid's plans, but soon the lovers find each other -- only to be separated by the call to the front. In the terrible battle in the sky that follows Philip comes down in flames beside his crippled enemy. He is rushed to a hospital dying and once more Jeannine takes up the agonized search for her lover. And she finds him with the help of a little bunch of lilacs from the garden back home.

Lilac Time - Guy Fowler - 1928 Photoplay - Gary Cooper, Colleen Moore


Dustjacket Only

Wings -- Saunders, John Monk

1927 Paramount Film -- starring Gary Cooper & Clara Bow

"Speed" Powell, in his flivver the "Shooting Star," terrorized the sober citizenry of Temple, Washington, who prophesied a bad end for him.  He had but one champion, the girl next door, who adored him.  Powell however directed all his attentions toward Sylvia Lewis.  When the war came Powell found his way into the Air Service.  The qualities that had brought him into disrepute at home, now served to make him a brilliant pilot; his flare for speed, his bent for mechanics, his nerve and daring.  He was sent overseas as a member of the First Pursuit Group.  His flying mate at the front was David Armstrong.  Theirs was a friendship begun at ground school and triple-sealed by a series of desperate adventures in the air.

Wings - John Monk Saunders - 1927 Photoplay - Gary Cooper, Clara Bow


Dustjacket Only


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