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Big Round-Up, The


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Scot McClintock was a square gambler, and Sam Dutch was a killer, a bully and an all-around bad man. So when Dutch slouched over and sat in at Scot's table with the clear intention of picking a fight, Scot had the good wishes of the crowd, but the killer had all the advantages of the situation. Then Young Hugh, Scot's pony express riding brother, looked in -- and when the smoke cleared away the McClintock family were in charge of things. They were a great pair, Scot and Hugh -- famous throughout the gold-rush boom towns of Nevada. Law and order were emerging from the white heat and seething passions which made life in the mining camps uncertain as well as strenuous, and the brothers were leaders in the movement. This is the story of the men whose rough living, quick thinking and straight shooting molded the roaring towns of the gold fields into a great state.

Bonanza - William MacLeod Raine - Remastered Dustjacket [DJ]


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Brand Blotters

A young man, accused of murder, is being hunted across the desert wastes of Arizona. The shimmering heat quivers above the hot brown sand; clumps of cactus and thickets of mesquit stretch interminably into the distance. Suddenly there comes a roaring sound. It is a cattle stampede that passes through the gulch below him, killing and mutilating a herder. The hunted one changes clothes with the dead man, assuming the latter's identity and then resumes his journey. Faint and exhausted, he sees smoke rising above some stunted bushes. Summoning his last reserve of strength, he staggers forward, falling almost at the feet of a beautiful young girl. In a fire are branding irons. Can this innocent young girl be a "rustler?" This is the perplexing problem that confronts us at the opening of the story. Then follows a stage hold-up; a daring kidnapping scheme and the capture of a band of outlaws. A thrilling story of love and hate, greed and revenge, with courageous manliness, justice and right triumphant in the end.

Brand Blotters - William MacLeod Raine - Remastered Dustjacket [DJ]


Dustjacket Only

Bucky O' Connor

"Bucky O'Connor" is set in the brown sun-baked Southwest.  Its hero is an officer of the Arizona Rangers, and surely no more charming young Irish-American ever got into the pages of fiction.  Confronted with a double-mystery -- involving a dramatic train hold-up, the discovery of a child abducted many years before, and the release of an American unjustly held in a Mexican prison -- this debonair and competent youth solves both, with the assistance of his friend Val Collins, a sheriff who has clipped the word "Fear" from his vocabulary.  Through the book runs a double love story, each so appealing that it would be hard to say which will most interest the reader.

Bucky O'Connor - William MacLeod Raine - Remastered Dustjacket [DJ]


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"The cowards never started and the weak died on the way" -- but Tom Collins got there -- the young bull-whacker and adventurer who went with the first white men to Colorado.  That was the territory where the pioneer had to show more fighting spirit than anywhere else -- and Tom's story is full of the adventure, romance, and danger that William MacLeod Raine knows how to write.  Colorado is a story of feuds, fights and never-ceasing action -- of a lone youth's stand against a band of desperadoes on the Overland Trail, a struggle that rises to an exciting climax in a duel between Tom and the leader of the gang.  Part of this story is drawn from history; Slade the man-killer, who had twenty-eight notches on his gun in '59, is a real character.  All of it is authentic -- the epic story of the birth of Colorado.

Colorado - William MacLeod Raine - Remastered Dustjacket [DJ]


Dustjacket Only

Crooked Trails and Straight

A splendid Western story, made up of stirring exploits and exciting events, based upon the bitter enmity existing between the cattlemen and the sheepherders on the Arizona frontier.

WMR_Trails.jpg (55183 bytes)


Dustjacket Only

Famous Sheriffs and Western Outlaws

Go West young man --- West where great herds of buffaloes roam the Prairies, West where towns spring up like mushrooms and die as quickly -- where the saloon doors swing and the gambling houses and dance halls flourish -- where men made history with six-shooters and the best life insurance was a quick draw and a sure aim.  Here is the history of America not found in the text books -- the lives of the pioneers who moved with the frontier, who made their own laws as they went -- in a country where justice issued from the smoking end of a gun, where suspicion of cheating was a death sentence and every tree a potential gallows.  Drunken cowboys shoot up the town; renegade Indians murder in cold blood; prospectors dispute claims; highwaymen, rustlers, and outlaws terrify the populace and wage wars with the few strong, honest men, the sheriffs, and the marshals chosen for their cool nerve, their disregard of danger, their honest fearlessness.  These men made history; they built the romance of the West -- Bat Masterson, deadly with two guns; "Wild Bill" Hickok, the terror of the bad men; "Buckskin" Frank Leslie, the worst killer in Arizona history; Tom Horn, hanged for murder of a little boy, Sheriff Pat Garrett; "Bucky" O'Neill; "Uncle Billy" Tilghman and others of equal notoriety or fame.



Dustjacket Only

Fighting Tenderfoot, The

"If you want it in one word, short and sweet, that word is 'cows'.  Cows are the cause of all the trouble in this man's town."  The Lincoln County cattle war, that grim duel between two great cattle barons which involved half of Arizona, is the background for this six-shooting romance of O'Hara, the fighting tenderfoot lawyer who found Concho a tough place to hang out his shingle, and the embattled ranch king's daughter.  And the surprise of the story is by no means lessened by the fact that Bob Quantrell is drawn to the life from Billy the Kid, that cool, young, blue-eyed killer who, at the tender age of twenty-one, had accounted for twenty-one men, "not counting Indians and Mexicans."

WMR_Tenderfoot.jpg (77052 bytes)


Dustjacket Only

King of the Bush

Straight off the Nancy Bly out of San Francisco, Will Hollingsworth lands in Melbourne, 'way "down under" and walks directly into a free-for-all battle with a thieving crew of sea-going ruffians.  This was no ordinary fist-fight, for their leader, Black Dilke, plunged Will into a series of adventures far more dangerous than any he could have believed possible.  The whining sound of fast flying bullets -- the suspense of night fighting -- and the high excitement of hard riding through the bush-land, speed up this already fast-moving story laid in the gold mines of Australia, and mark "King of the Bush" as one more success under the name of William MacLeod Raine.



Dustjacket Only

Man Four-Square, A

An engrossing story of a lovable "bad man."  The hero is a boy from the Kentucky mountains who starts out at the age of fourteen to avenge the betrayal of his sister by a member of an enemy clan in a mountain feud.  If you enjoy convincing and spirited action, the story of a woman's fine faith, and a double love interest -- this is the book for you.

A Man Four-Square - William MacLeod Raine - Remastered Dustjacket [DJ]


Dustjacket Only

Oh You, Tex




Dustjacket Only

Roads of Doubt

This novel is laid in the West of the present day.  Jarvis Elliott is trying to build a railroad through a certain pass in the Rockies, a feat which is considered impossible.  His daughter, Joyce, is the product of a country clubs, motor cars, and fast living and, further, she is in love with Ordway who is her father's enemy.  it takes an accident to awaken Joyce to the realities of life and in awakening she realizes how little Ordway really meant to her.  Then commences the struggle in which she takes part, against the underhand methods of Ordway.  Bob Hallack a clean-cut young engineer comes into the story, and Joyce sees in him all that she thought she had seen in the other man.  There is a deal of action in this story and the love interest is delightfully handled.  William MacLeod Raine has a rare story-telling gift which carries the reader sweeping along with the swift action of his yarns.

Roads of Doubt - William MacLeod Raine - Remastered Dustjacket [DJ]


Dustjacket Only

Texas Ranger, A

The story tells how a member of the most dauntless border police force ever known to the world carried law into the mesquite, saved the life of an innocent man after a series of thrilling adventures, followed a fugitive to Wyoming, and then passed through deadly peril to ultimate happiness.  All of which is told with a compelling youthfulness of spirit that fascinates the reader and holds him to the story until the last page is finished.  The sharp, clear character drawing, the swift rush of the absorbing plot, the free bold humor of the frontier with its outdoor sweep of mind and beat of sun, all lend unusual charm to the book.



Dustjacket Only

Troubled Waters

When even cool-headed Rowan McCoy figured that the situation called for violent action, everybody knew that the struggle between the cattlemen and the sheepmen for open range had come to a head. McCoy ordered a night raid, to teach the sheepmen a lesson; but he gave strict orders against shooting. However, he didn't allow for the unruly Falkner. Falkner started firing, and in the resulting gunplay several sheepmen were killed. McCoy, although he had not fired a shot, insisted that all must stand together. One man weakened and all were sent up for life. But McCoy's wife refused to give up, and the story of her fight to free her husband from prison and herself from the influence of his betrayer makes this tale one of Mr. Raine's finest.

Troubled Waters - William MacLeod Raine - Remastered Dustjacket [DJ]


Dustjacket Only

Under Northern Stars

A fugitive from Texas justice;, riding wearily in the cold uplands of Montana in the face of a driving blizzard, gets a bullet through the arm.  Catching sight of a fleeing figure, the outlaw gives chase.  They close in a fierce grip, the man from the South is knifed, and in defense lashes his assailant with his quirt until he shrieks for mercy.  The the outlaw realizes he has whipped a girl!  As if in mockery of their bitterness toward each other, Jeb Taylor and Molly Prescott are caught in the storm and forced to keep camp alone together for three days.  Here is the sort of theme that gives Raine the opportunity for the best sort of fast-moving, steadily exciting Western romance.

Under Northern Stars - William MacLeod Raine - Remastered Dustjacket [DJ]


Dustjacket Only


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