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Firebrand Trevison

The coming of the railroad marked an epoch; the two lines of steel were tentacles reaching out to bind the wild West of "Firebrand" Trevison into a stuffy crowded community of farmers and shop-keepers.  But Trevison did not grow bitter at the encroachment, for it brought with it Rosalind Behham, daughter of the president of the railroad.  And also it brought a man to hate, a confident overbearing individual whose unscrupulous power had been the tool with which he was accustomed to crush all who opposed him.  Corrigan, the undefeated, encounters a new situation, however, when he runs up against the cold, indomitable will of "Firebrand" Trevison, and there ensues a long period of ruthless conflict between the two that ends only when the better man wins a complete victory.

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Last Hope Ranch

"Last Hope Ranch" is a bookful of excitement and entertainment carried on a narrative style that races with the speed of a stimulated pinto.  The story opens with a girl sitting, a gun across her knees, watching the door of an outhouse shiver and shake under the blows of a drunk and desperate Mexican.  A speck of dust on the plain is growing rapidly into the shape of a horse and rider.  He is himself a cattle rustler and killer, and the girl is without help on the ranch in the absence of her father, who has gone on a fruitless journey to obtain replacements for the hands who have mysteriously taken their time and departed.  Thus are indicated the primary elements which Mr. Seltzer builds his story of "Last Hope Ranch," which is as full of color and action as anything he has ever done.  Readers will not soon forget the girl with the gun or the rustler and killer, who is something more than that.

Last Hope Ranch - Charles Alden Seltzer - Remastered Dustjacket [DJ]


Dustjacket Only

Mesa, The

Jim Noland had a restless gun hand -- and when the memory of a pair of Spanish eyes drew him irresistibly below the border, he needed it.  He and his old side kick, Bill Clelland, got there during a week of feasting, while all wrongdoers and enemies were granted sanctuary.  So it was a week of deep drinking, quick trigger fingers, bitter memories, and the spirit of gallantry -- a week of passion, humor, jealousy and gunplay, while Jim and Bill once more took the measure of Mexican bandits.  Such is The Mesa -- full of lightning action and reckless courage -- by the author of many stirring tales of the great west.  In here also is the romance of a cool, confident and thoughtful man and a passionate, proud daughter of a Mexican gentleman.

The Mesa - Charles Alden Seltzer - Remastered Dustjacket [DJ]


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Mystery Range

A nomad cowboy on a lonely ranch -- a payroll robbery with two men shot -- and Brazo accused of a crime he did not commit -- took flight into the hills with his mates in hot pursuit.  Into the secret valley of Mystery Range Brazo escaped.  Here he found Jim Henly, isolated, dying; he found gold; and he found a double action mystery, a hair-trigger adventure and a rapid fire conflict that led over a rough road to romance.  Brazo stayed until Jim Henly died and when Jim's young sister came and difficulties beset her Brazo abandoned for good his plan to leave.

Mystery Range - Charles Alden Seltzer - Remastered Dustjacket [DJ]


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Trail Horde


CAS_TrailHorde.jpg (55287 bytes)


Dustjacket Only

Trail to Yesterday

Another story of an Eastern girl in the far west.  The tale opens with a forced marriage between the girl, Sheila, and a ranchman, Dakota, whom she has never before seen.  The coming west of the girl's father, her rescue from imminent death while attempting to cross a quicksand stream, by Dakota, his accusation, as a murderer, his vindication and the unraveling of mysteries, which point to Sheila's father as a deep-dyed villain, and the latent love which springs up in the girl's heart for the man who proves himself a hero, are the happenings which make this story.  The forced marriage in the beginning proves a blessing in the end and Sheila decides that the trail which led her to Dakota's little shanty was the right trail after all.

CAS_TrailYesterday.jpg (51486 bytes)


Dustjacket Only

Valley of the Stars, The

There was something about the tall puncher the girl didn't like.  he was good-looking, it was true.  More over, he seemed unaware of his good looks.  He was lithe, muscular, ruggedly masculine.  There was an air of distinction about him.  But he didn't notice her, and she wasn't used to not being noticed.  It piqued her.  She decided she didn't like the tall puncher at all.  What happens when Edna Pendleton, proud Eastern beauty, and Ross Nevins, bronzed son of the West, find themselves half-owners of the same ranch is the unusual plot of this swift-moving story.  And in these pages of colorful action and strongly chiseled scenery the girl and the man grow together from mutual dislike and distrust of each other through hair-raising adventure and the climax of an outlaw raid, to mutual dependence and love.  There's a western tang to this story that you can smell the saddle leather in, told in Seltzer's bold, striking vein.

Valley of Stars - Charles Alden Seltzer - Remastered Dustjacket [DJ]


Dustjacket Only


When Josephine Hamilton went West to visit her friend, Betty, she took with her certain treasured convictions which she felt should govern all human conduct.  But the ways of the wild region to which she had come were not in accordance with her ways, and the people there had firm convictions of their own.  She went to teach and she was taught.  "Satan" Lattimer, ruthless, handsome, fascinating, who deserved his nickname, taught her some things, and there were others she also from whom she learned.  She discovered the the ways of the West are of necessity and are not to be changed overnight.



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