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Classic TV - Adventures of Robin Hood



Adventures of Robin Hood, Vol. 1

The legend of Robin Hood is given a grand retelling in this popular an long running series made for television (1955-58). Filmed in Great Britain with the handsome and dashing British actor Richard Greene as Robin, the "outlaws" of Sherwood Forest watch over the people of England and protect them from the cruelty and greed of the ruling aristocrats. In these four exciting episodes it's easy to see how the series remained an enduring favorite for so many years.

Episode 1 - The Coming Of Robin Hood:  Robin comes back to England after fighting in the Holy Wars only to find that the evil Sir Roger DeLisle has stolen his family's castle and land. This early episode tells how Robin Hood first got his name and attained his noble mission.

Episode 2 - The Borrowed Baby:  Robin and his band are accused of stealing a shipment of gold. The aristocrats suspect that Lady Marian is acting as a spy to protect Robin from his nemesis, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Episode 3 - The Final Tax:  Friar Tuck comes up with a plan to do away with a hated property tax that the feudal lords have imposed on the poor serfs, but the Friar needs Robin Hood's men to help to pull off his plan.

Episode 4 - The Ambush:  Robin Hood attempts to rescue a young prince - the heir to the throne of England - from the clutches of the boy's evil uncle, the power hungry Prince John (Donald Pleasence).

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Adventures of Robin Hood, Vol. 2

Episode 1 - The Little People:  On an arduous trip through the Irish countryside, Robin Hood, Maid Marian and Friar Tuck take refuge with a superstitious family of farmers and are confronted by the "wee folk," the leprechauns who are so much a part of ancient Irish folklore.

Episode 2 - The Goldmaker's Return:  While Robin Hood is fighting the wars in France, the bumbling rogue Lepidus, the Alchemist of Nottingham, claims he can turn lead into pure gold. When the dubious Sheriff threatens him with death if he fails to produce, Lady Marian comes up with a brilliant idea.

Episode 3 - Flight From France:   On a secret trip to France, Robin and Friar Tuck suspect that an evil agent of the hated Prince John is in town posing as a wine merchant. To prevent this spy from his completing his foul mission, Robin Hood makes contact and works together with the French "underground."

Episode 4 - The York Treasure:  Robin and Little John head for the seacoast to help their old friend Joseph of Cordoba with his secret plan to bring a ship, loaded with Jewish refugees to the town of York. This medieval exodus promises the hope of freedom and a new life for those who are fleeing oppression and prejudice in their homeland.

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Adventures of Robin Hood, Vol. 3

Episode 1 - The Brothers: With the help of Friar Tuck a young serf is allowed to enter the monastery at Whiteby but soon flees the abbey when he learns the Sheriff of Nottingham has imprisoned his older brother on false charges. Tuck and Robin devise a clever plot to reunite the brothers as free men.

Episode 2 - The Intruders: Robin and Little John are on a manhunt, searching Sherwood Forest for two mischievous students who have been staging a series of petty robberies and pretending all the time that they are a part of Robin Hood's Merry Men. Once caught, Robin proceeds to teach the young scholars a lesson of his own.

Episode 3 - Food for Thought: Villagers from Upper Minton come to Robin Hood's camp with news of another costly tax levied on them by the greedy Count Olivier. The tax, the third in a year, is bound to empty their larders. If Robin can't help them there is sure to be a devastating famine in the village.

Episode 4 - The Deserted Castle: Maid Marian leads Robin Hood to an ancient, deserted castle. Here, among the ruins, Robin is amazed to see the Queen Mother who has sought him out for a dangerous assignment, one that will be most beneficial to England and the beloved King Richard.

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Adventures of Robin Hood, Vol. 4

Episode 1 - Fair Play: Disguised as a troupe of Bavarian acrobats three members of Robin's loyal band head for the annual fair at Nottingham. Their "undercover" plan works well until the unscrupulous gypsy fortune teller, Madam Zsa Zsa, reveals their secret, resulting in their arrest by the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Episode 2 - The Secret Pool: Robin Hood and Maid Marian go fishing in a hidden pool - a tributary loaded with large fish that leads directly to Sir Cedric's private lake. After observing Cedric's men arresting a poor serf for poaching, Marian visits the eccentric lord to beg for the man's release while Robin tries a different approach - using Cedric's lifelong love of fishing as "bait."

Episode 3 - The Black Five: For once Robin Hood and his arch-enemy, the Sheriff of Nottingham, work together hoping to capture the Duke DeMoreville, a power-hungry monster that villagers call "The Hangman Of Leicester.".

Episode 4 - One Man's Meat: Friar Tuck and Robin can't wait for their usually sumptuous dinner at the farmhouse of Master Edmund Woodstock. This time, however, the feast turns into a fiasco. The Master insists that everyone, including his undernourished servants, eat only one dish and a dry grain mixture he proudly calls the "New Ambrosia." It's up to Robin to convince the eccentric farmer that the mealy stuff is hardly a meal at all.

Adv_RobinHood_v4.jpg (28388 bytes)



Adventures of Robin Hood, Vol. 5

Episode 1 - Will Scarlet: Moments after an overdressed dandy in a red plumed hat appears at the Blue Boar Inn, he insults Little John, challenges Robin Hood to a duel and crosses swords with the Sheriff of Nottingham's armed guard. The poetic stranger quickly wins Robin Hood's respect for his swordsmanship and daring, and is invited to join Robin and his merry men in Sherwood Forest.

Episode 2 - The Rivals: The Sheriff of Nottingham tries to extort money from local merchants by having his own gang of outlaws stage robberies that look like the work of Robin Hood and his men.

Episode 3 - The Miser: Sir William threatens his tenant farmers with additional taxes and threatens to throw them off his land if they don't pay up. When Robin Hood hears about this he devises a plan to retrieve the villagers money. The clever plan requires that Friar Tuck keep the townsfolk in church by delivering the most longwinded sermon of his career.

Episode 4 - Tables Turned: Messengers who stop at the local inn boast about the "jewels" they are transporting. Derwent, one of Robin Hood's most loyal men successfully steals the shipment - only to discover that these jewels are actually two children from a titled family.

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