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Classic TV - Sherlock Holmes



Sherlock Holmes TV Classics, Vol. 1

Introduced in Europe for American audiences, the Sherlock Holmes 1954 TV series captures the essence of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's characters and themes. Ronald Howard (son of film star Leslie Howard) stars as the intensely analytical Holmes, aided by Dr. Watson (H. Marion Crawford) and antagonized by the Inspector Lestrade (Archie Duncan).

Case of the Baker Street Bachelors: A politician is accused of committing a violent act and payment is demanded to make the charge go away. To expose the blackmailers, the detectives join a lonely hearts club, but when their plan goes too far, Holmes is arrested and ends up behind bars.

Case of the Baker Street Nursemaids: Holmes and Watson are baffled when a baby is delivered to their doorstep. A sinister twist emerges when the child turns out to be the son of a missing French scientist. Watson is brutally attacked and the baby is kidnapped. The detectives must find a way to save the family and avert an international scandel.

Case of Lady Beryl: A businessman is murdered in a home of high nobility. The lady of the house confesses to the killing, yet Holmes suspects she is covering something up. His solution is a masterpiece of deductive reasoning, dazzling both the innocent and the guilty.

Case of Harry Crocker: An escape artist is accused of murder when his lover is found strangled in an alley. While the magician evades the police, Holmes tries to clear the man's name.

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Sherlock Holmes TV Classics, Vol. 2

Case of the Night Train Riddle: A boy disappears from his train compartment after fighting with his father. The child's governess believes that he has run away, but Holmes suspects something more sinister. A series of clues leads him to a nearby circus, where the boy hangs on the brink of death.

The Mother Hubbard Case: Gentlemen disappear throughout London, vanishing without a trace. Their corpses turn up in unoccupied houses, victims of poison. Holmes suggests that the murders may have something to do with a lost child, and endangers his own life to uncover the killer.

Case of the Unlucky Gambler: A young boy turns up on Baker Street, pleading with Holmes to find his missing father. The detective deduces that the man is a gambler on the run from his creditors, and he and Watson descend into the world of back rooms and betting houses in search of clues. They receive news that the hunted man has committed suicide, yet Holmes refuses to give up hope.

Case of the Cunningham Heritage: The beginnings of Holmes' partnership with Watson are explored in this first episode of the series. Watson moves into Baker Street after his return from military service, and is amazed to discover his roommate is a detective. Holmes invites the doctor to accompany him on an investigation - a man stabbed to death and his fiancée found in possession of the murder weapon. Although the victim's family seems convinced of the woman's guilt, the detective demonstrates his deductive powers by uncovering the real culprit.

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Sherlock Holmes TV Classics, Vol. 3

Case of the Reluctant Carpenter: An anonymous arsonist burns Covent Garden to the ground and holds the city of London hostage, threatening greater violence unless a handsome ransom is paid. With no other leads, Holmes and Watson must search through the ash and rubble for clues to the criminal's identity before he strikes again.

Case of the Perfect Husband: Michael Gough (Horror of Dracula, Horrors of the Black Museum) stars as Russell Partridge, a bluebeard who tells his beatiful young wife Janet that she has one day to live before he murders her like his seven previous wives. No one believes Janet except Sherlock Holmes, who must race against the clock to trap the diabolical killer.

Case of the Royal Murder: As payment for detective services rendered, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are invited for a weekend in the Balkans. Their holiday is cut short when the visiting Prince Stefan is poisoned and their host is accused of the murder. Only Holmes can uncover the truth - but first he must avoid being the next victim.

Case of the Shy Ballerina: Inspector Lestrade wakes the detective in the dead of night to announce that Watson's hat has been found at the scene of a murder. To clear his partner's name, Holmes tracks a Russian ballerina (Nathalie Schafer of "Gilligan's Island"), and uncovers an international plot of deceit, blackmail and espionage.

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Sherlock Holmes TV Classics, Vol. 4

Case of The Split Ticket: A partner in the purchase of a winning lottery ticket vanishes hours before the midnight deadline to claim the prize. It's up to Sherlock Holmes to find him and solve the mystery of his disappearance.

Case of The Pennsylvania Gun: The murder of nobleman John Douglas brings Holmes and Watson to the British countryside, where Detective Macleod of Scotland Yard seems to believe he has the case well in hand. With the victim's castle surrounded by a forty foot moat and the drawbridge up at the time of the murder, the list of suspects should number only those who were in the castle at the time of death. Holmes has brought his fishing tackle, though, and is convinced there's an altogether different explanation.

Case of The Exhumed Client: Sir Charles Farnsworth turns up dead in the cursed Farnsworth Castle. A man with many enemies, Sir Charles made sure to put a clause in his will requiring an investigation of his death, no matter what the apparent cause, by none other than Sherlock Holmes. An autopsy soon reveals arsenic in the deadman's body, and Holmes finds no shortage of suspects in residence at the castle.

Case of The Eiffel Tower: A world famous criminal is run over by a London milk truck. Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard calls on Sherlock Holmes to decipher the mysterious note found in the dead man's pocket. Assuming the identity of the deceased, Holmes follows a trail of mystery all the way to Paris.

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Sherlock Holmes TV Classics, Vol. 5

Case of The Belligerent Ghost: Watson comes to the aid of a heart attack victim, but his efforts to save the man prove fruitless. On his way back to 221 B Baker Street, he is assaulted by a person he swears is the very same deceased stranger. Intrigued, Holmes endeavors to find a more earthly explanation for his friend's encounter.

Case of The Blind Man's Bluff: The discovery of a chicken's foot at the location of two murders has Scotland Yard baffled, and Inspector Lestrade turns to Sherlock Holmes for assistance.

Case of The Tyrant's Daughter: A chemist is arrested for the poisoning of his fiance's stepfather, who was obsessed with keeping the two lovers apart. Despite the damning evidence against the young Mr. Vernon, the old man's housekeeper thinks he is innocent of the murder, and requests the services of Sherlock Holmes.

Case of The Thistle Killer: A killer is on the loose in London, strangling women and leaving thistles by the bodies of his victims. Desperate to stop the madman before he strikes again, the Superintendent of Police advises Lestrade to utilize the singular talents of Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock_Holmes_TV_v5.jpg (33593 bytes)



Sherlock Holmes TV Classics, Vol. 6

Case of The Texas Cowgirl: Holmes and Watson are visited by Minnie, a member of Bison Jack's Wild West Rodeo. Having found a dead body in her hotel room, Minnie's biggest priority is disposing of the unwanted guest before her aristocratic fianc? Lord Wooster and his family get wind of the scandal.

Case of The Violent Suitor: Advice columnist Alex Doogle, writing under the pen name Aunt Lottie, seems to have given the wrong advice to a young woman. Advising the girl to part ways with her violent and jealous fianc?, Doogle is assaulted and threatened by the jilted and infuriated lover. Desperate to save the young woman from the brute while keeping himself out of harm's way, he turns to Sherlock Holmes.

Case of The Diamond Tooth: Watson happens upon a diamond tooth while strolling along the River Thames. Initially a mere curiosity, the tooth may be the key to solving a murder, as Holmes and Watson learn of a body found near the very spot it was recovered.

Case of The Deadly Prophesy: Holmes and Watson are summoned to a boy's school in Belgium, where a student has taken to scrawling the names of faculty members on the steps of a nearby church, only to have them die shortly after.

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Sherlock Holmes TV Classics, Vol. 7

Case of the Impromptu Performance: A wrongly accused man only has one day to prove his innocence before he is put to death. As a last request he asks to see Sherlock Holmes.

Case of the Jolly Hangman: A traveling salesman is found hung in his hotel room. After an initial investigation, police rule his death a suicide. Convinced it was murder, the devastated widow pleads with Holmes to do further detective work.

Case of the Shoeless Engineer: Holmes comes across an injured man wandering through the woods carrying the limp body of a woman. The detective tries to put together the pieces of a bizarre puzzle, as the man tells a strange story of an attempted murder.

Case of the Singing Violin: A young woman has visions of ghosts haunting her bedroom. Before she is certified mad, her soon-to-be husband, James Wynin, makes an appointment to meet with Holmes and Watson. When shots ring out from the street in front of the detective's office, Wynin is found murdered in his carriage.

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