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Mystery Movies - The Shadow



The Shadow - International Crime

An explosion kills a prestigious banker during an attempted robbery. Lamont Cranston (a.k.a. The Shadow) suggests that it was murder and not just the work of notorious safecracker Honest John. When The Shadow pursues a false tip-off to the robbery, he stumbles upon an international banking scam with ties to murder. Based on the popular 1930s radio show, "The Shadow," this fast-paced mystery is the second in the series produced by Grand National Pictures.

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The Shadow - Invisible Avenger

The legendary mind-clouding man of mystery is back in this film noir tale set in New Orleans, where nothing is ever as it seems. Exiled Spanish leader Pablo Ramirez is hiding out on Bourbon Street as plans are laid to overthrow the oppressive dictatorship that currently exists in his country. A fascist generalissimo has planted assassins in the city to dispose of Ramirez and thwart his impending coup d'état. Lamont Cranston (Richard Derr) -- aka the Shadow -- is summoned to protect Ramirez and thus ensure a successful revolution. The Shadow, summons up his supernatural powers of hypnosis and invisibility to save Ramirez and stop his enemies' diabolical exploits.

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The Shadow Strikes

A rich man is killed in the process of writing his will. The phantom crime-fighter, Lamont Cranston (a.k.a. the Shadow), finds numerous suspects - each with their own motive for commiting murder. The trail of clues leads him to a underground gambling ring linked to the killer. The police, suspicious of The Shadow's motives, interfere with the investigation in an effort to discover his true identity. The master of disguise is able to keep the detectives at bay long enough to unmask the real culprits. "The Shadow Strikes" is the first film based on the popular 1930's radio program. Rod La Rocque returned as the Shadow the following year in "International Crime."

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